A love story
Ours is a different family story, we can assure you. In 1987, my mother, originally from Barcelona, ​​and my father, originally from Tehran, crossed their paths in Tokyo and began a new adventure together. Both, with different backgrounds and objectives, found themselves in that extravagant and challenging city that taught them so much.

In 1988, excited to open a jewelry store, they opened their first store / workshop in Barcelona. They both had previous experience in the world of jewelry and gemstones.

Inspired by parents of different cultures, adventurers and entrepreneurs, and why not say it, extraordinary, my brother and I decided to turn Alama into our own brand with character and transgressor. We are proud to be able to continue in continuous growth to build a brand with meaning, of which we can all feel part.

 The dream concept 
For our family, jewelry has always been a source of inspiration for generations. Jewelry, regardless of material, design or style, can represent countless things: feelings, people, symbols, memories, stages and much more. 
The essence of our brand lies in the pride of belonging, in the personal discovery to know where you want to go without forgetting where you come from. 
Alama is a change of chip, a way of life, a spirit. We want the brand to represent evolution, freedom and equality. A vision of progress that questions the conventional and explores what femininity means today, regardless of skin color or religion.  

We all matter 
The world needs brands to have meaningful messages, to contribute, no matter how little, to building a better future.  
Family, love, and racial equality are our main source of motivation and strength. There is no force like that of a united intercultural world.  
At Alama we want to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all those people who, in one way or another, have contributed to these causes. There is much more to come! Whether making a purchase or a simple message of support, every little gesture helps make a difference.